The Unmatched Features of Exo Provide Wirefree Charging And Unlimited Charging Mobility For Mobile Phones 

Key Features

  • Blazing Charge Speed

  • WireFree Charging, Unlimited Charging Mobility

  • Turnkey Device (No Assembly Required)

  • Compatibility With Almost All Mobile Phones 

  • Ten Port Docking Station

  • Ergonomic, Compact, Durable 

  • UL Certified, Multiple Safety Features 


Key Components

Multiport Docking Station

  • Charges Ten Power Cards 
  • Compact, Durable
  • Reversible Loading Of Power Cards 
  • Stackable (3 high)

Power Cards

  • Convenient WireFree Charging 
  • Blazing Charge Speed
  • 2,500 mAh Of Charging Power  
  • Ergonomic Design 

Beacon LEDs

  • Three Color Coordinated Connector Tips:
    • RED = MFi (Apple® Compatible) 
    • BLUE = Micro USB (Android™ Compatible)
    • GREEN = USB Type C (Multi-Device Compatible) 
  • Simple Charge & Recharge Power Gauge
  • Promotion Beacon (Eye-Catching Feature)   


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