The Problem: Wired Inconvenience

The Woes of Phone Charging in Public

The ongoing problem for mobile phone users is the lack of mobility while charging or "wired inconvenience" as we call it! With over three billion mobile phones in use worldwide, the magnitude of this inconvenience is enormous; and the truth is, charging with wires is troublesome because it eliminates a critical feature of the device - mobility! In addition, since wired charging requires a readily available power plug, the problem of wired inconvenience only gets worse if a plug is not availble, is inconveniently located, or requires that you abandon possession of your device to a stranger fulfilling your plea for power. 

The Solution: Exo Smart Spark

Exo was designed for convenience! Our revolutionary, technologically advanced, direct connect Exo Power Card (a Lithium-ion Battery) is designed specifically to provide full mobility during charging. We call this "Exo Wirefree Convenience" because with our Power Card you can charge a mobile device without any limitation on mobility: there are no cumbersome wires needed to charge a device, and there is no requirement to be tethered to a power plug. How great is that? With an Exo Power Card you can conveniently charge anywhere, anytime, with unlimited mobility! 

The Best Charger Available: Wirefree Convenience 

Our product takes the charging experience to a whole new level! Exo was not designed to be another wired Power Bank competing in the crowed space for that type of product; it was designed to charge mobile phones with an unmatched level of convenience. Our design not only provides unlimited mobility while charging, but also includes a compact Mutliport Docking Station that accommodates ten Power Cards, ensuring that a fully charged Power Card is always ready for use. Exo achieves convenience in charging with our revolutionairy wire free Power Card and our Multiport Docking Station. 

Unique Feature: Revolutionary Promotional Device

Exo allows brands to promote their businesses, products or services!  The unique "handheld billboard" feature of our Power Cards provides an outstanding advertising or branding space. Our Power Cards can be custom artwork-printed, allowing businesses to use Exo as a promotional device in the form of a convenient mobile phone charging device. This combination of advertising with power creates a highly valuable promotional opportunity. 

Convenience: Our Vision is Clearly Defined

Grasping the problems associated with wired charging is not the problem! And Exo is the solution! Exo is the only charging device that eliminates wired inconvenience, provides unlimited mobility while charging, and provides power anywhere, everywhere it is needed.