Exo Apple Compatible 13 Pack

Compact Multiport Charger
Unlimited Charging Mobility
Charge Many Different Devices
Stackable (Requires Stacking Connector Cord)
Forget The Wall Plugs
Lose The Wires That Bind You


  • Multiport Docking Station
  • 13 Power Cards
  • All Apple®/MFi® Connector Tips 
  • 32,500 mAh of Power
  • 6,500 Full Charge Cycles 

Exo Apple® Compatible 13 Pack Is The Easy Choice For Those Who Want To Charge Apple® MFi® Mobile Phones & Devices! 13 Power Cards - 3 Extra - Value Priced! 


Home WireFree Convenience
Office Increased Productivity, Mobility
Guests Amenity, Branding 
Customers  Increased Patronage

Revolutionary Promotional Opportunity
Choose Custom Artwork printed Power Cards to promote your brand! Upload your artwork at checkout. customization

Apple RED

iPhone X/XS/XR, 8/Plus, 7/Plus, 6/Plus

Android   BLUE Samsung Galaxy A7, J9/J8/J7, S7
Nokia 6.1, 5.1
Motorola G5, E5/E4
Huawei Honor 8X, 7X
LG Q6, K11/K10/K8
Sony Xperia X, Z
(Plus many more)
USBC GREEN  Samsung Galaxy A8, S9, Note 9
Nokia 7.1
Motorola One, P30, Z, G6
Huawei Mate 20, P20
LG V40/V35/V30, G7/G6, Q8/Q7
Sony Xperia XZ, XA
Google Pixel 3, Pixel 2
OnePlus 6, 5
(Plus Many More)