Use Custom Branded Exo Power Cards To Promote Your Product or Business!

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Sample & Co.

  • Handheld Promotional Billboard - Power Cards provide two-sided promotion/logo/advertising space, directly in the hands of customers.
  • Scannable QR Codes - the digital bridge for the Exo product, allowing mobile phone users to scan QR codes located on the Power Cards. Talk to us about the "Data For Power" (D4P) Digital Relationship opportunity! 
  • Advertising As An Amenity - Exo is not just another advertising point of sale display, but advertising/branding placement in the form of a valuable amenity, driving customer loyalty.
  • Prime "In-Venue" Placement - Handheld Promotional Billboard allows advertisers access to prime "in-venue" locations. Talk to us about the opportunity to subzidize Exo to Venues in return for placement of your brand!
  • Long Duration Campaign - Branded Exo Power Cards provide a long duration exposure period with 500 full charge cycles of expected use, per card. 

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